A Thuistí, a chairde,

Following on from our last update of 22/08/20, our School Covid-19 Response plan was posted on our site on Monday 24/08/20.

We are almost ready to open!

  • We have staggered opening and closing times. It is very important that we stick to these times.
  • Families (excluding Naíonáin Bheaga initially) will only have to make one journey to school each morning. If in doubt come at the earlier of your children’s times.
  • It is very important that parents do not arrive early and do not park on the roundabout. We have a Drop-and-Go system in operation.
  • Please come at your allotted collection time each evening, please do not arrive early as we will be operating a Stop-and-Collect system in the evening time.
  • Class bubbles will not mix during the school day.
  • We have three sinks in each classroom, with soap/hot water/paper towels.
  • There are hand sanitisers in each room and the teacher has an extra supply if required. There are hand sanitisers at all entrances and  and at various points in corridors.
  • It is not recommended that children in Primary School wear face masks – however if you feel that your child needs to wear a mask, he/she will be allowed to.
  • We will not be using school bags for the foreseeable future. This guidance may change in a few weeks.
  • Written homework will not be given until we are using school bags again. No need to purchase homework journal at the moment.
  • Floor stickers will keep us socially distanced on corridors.
  • Ground markings will help us remain socially distanced outside.
  • Children who are able to walk to school are encouraged to do so – please make us aware if your child plans to walk to school.
  • Our Book Rental Scheme is still available for all pupils from Rang 3 – Rang 6.
  • School Insurance Forms (24 hour) are available here
  • Please use THIS FORM when paying insurance/Book Rental and School Expenses.
  • These forms will be distributed to the eldest child on Tuesday and should be returned to class teacher without delay. Please contact the school office if you have any queries.
  • The school office will not be open in the mornings until 9.15 a.m. and will close each day at 2.15 p.m. Please wear a face mask if approaching the office(hatch).
  • What is an Isolation Room? It is a safe, waiting area, where a child who displays symptoms of  Covid-19 will wait with a staff member until collected by you.
  • Further updates to follow. Please check our website for further information.


NOTE – All items in Bold Writing are links to further information.