Dangerous Behaviour at school


It has come to our attention that over the last number of days an activity has started among children in Rang 5 and Rang 6 that needs to stop immediately.

The activity involves a child going up to another child and hitting them or pushing them.

I spoke at length to the children of both classes about this today. I asked them if any of them liked this activity? They told me that they did not like it!

We discussed personal space and the fact that no one should ever lay a hand on another person without first being invited to do so.

It appears that this activity first arose on the social media platform TIKTOK.

Please discuss the contents of this note with your child. A hard copy of this note was sent home today with each child in Rang 5 and Rang 6 today.

Le meas,

Ruairí Ó hAnnluain.