Rang 4

A Thuistí,

We have been informed that some children in Rang 4 have been using inappropriate language in certain settings at school. This has led to other children being confused and upset. It is our understanding that the language relates to private parts.

It is natural and healthy for children to be curious about their bodies, and they must always be encouraged to ask questions about things that are on their minds.

The correct person for your child to go to with questions about their bodies is you, their parent. The school yard is never a place to discuss such matters.


Please discuss this letter with your child and help them with any questions that they may have. Please reinforce with them that discussions of this nature should never take place in the school yard, and that they should inform the teacher if talk of this nature is taking place at school (so that the teacher can inform the parent of the child who is looking for information).

Many children have access to the internet. One click can take children to very scary and confusing places. Please ensure that your child is safe if they have access to the internet.

Online games – can be more than games – STRANGERS can say ANYTHING through headsets to your child – please be aware of the dangers.


Thank you for your cooperation in this matter, working together we will keep our children safe and happy.


Le meas,


Stiofán agus Ruairí.

[A copy of this letter has been sent home in your child’s school bag]