Obair den tSeachtain 18/5/20 – 22/5/20(Déan an méid gur féidir libh, ná déan dearmad, ná bíodh an daoine faoi bhrú 🙂)

Rang 4,
Tá súil agam go bhfuil sibh go maith. Tá neart obair iontach déanta agaibh go dtí seo, an méid griangrafanna atá faighte agam ó bhur tuistí. Táim fíor shásta libh. Lean ar aghaidh lesi an obair iontach.
Tá an mata an tseachtain seo difriúl agus b’féidir nach mbeidh sé chomh easca leis an tseachtain seo caite ach bain triall as agus déan é chomh maith agus is féidir leat. 
Lean ar aghaidh ag seoladh griangrafanna chugam, tá sé iontach an obair af fad atá déanta agaibh a fheiceál.
I hope you have all had the opportunity to read the pen pal letters on the school page and that you are currently writing you replies. For those of you who didn’t get a letter yet, they have assured me they are on the way. If anyone is struggling to find the penpal letters online, get your parents to contact me and I will get it sorted for you.
  • TG4 Cúla ar Scoil every day on TG4 at 10:30am for 30mins.
  • Oral Language: Watch some other programming on TG4 or on the TG4 player online, hearing Gaeilge being spoken daily is important and will again give them that sense of normality and familiarity. Encourage Gaeilge to be spoken for 10-15mins per day in the house among the family to the best of your abilities.
  • Litriú: Continue with Irish spellings as per usual. 
  • Léamh agus Ceisteanna: This week I have added in a Chapter from our Class workbook. This includes reading, comprehension questions as well as some grammar questions. 
  • Iris Ghaeilge CLG – An Irish GAA Magazine with interesting Stories/ Puzzles/Facts, etc. https://www.gaa.ie/news/cuaille-iris-ghaeilge-clg-ar-fail-anois/?fbclid=IwAR00X7TfI9SA5U2DEBeT4aIEA09FMs_aKv-b9IJjoW71n-zN1nfICP7GkYg
  •  Mata Draíochta: The topic I would like us to focus on this week is ‘Cruthanna 3-T’ (3D Shapes). I have attached the relevant pages from our Maths book. I have attached them in both English and Irish, feel free to use whichever you prefer. 
  • Continue to revise tables (+, -, x, /) Having your tables learnt gives you an advantage when trying to concentrate on new concepts in the future. 
  • IXL-Léan leis an obair iontach atá ar siúl agaibh. Continue with the fantastic work on the IXL website if you have an available laptop/ipad/phone and WIFI. Each child has their own username and log in and I can track their work from home. IXL covers the entire Rang 4 Maths curriculum.
  •  Mental Maths. The children are well used to working on this book independently and each day is all about revision. This should take between 8-15mins to complete. 
    • Comprehension – I have attached the story ‘Danger from the Deep’ from our class reader. 
    • Writing-  Questions based on the above story, working on syllables, work based on adjectives and nouns, and a story based on an adventure, including a map of your own design. Again, all of this work is attached below.
    • English in Practice – One day each Day. – (B’fhéidir nach bhfuil gach duine ar an lá céanna, ach tá sé sin ceart go leor. Níl aon fhadhbh. Not everyone will be on the same days in these books, but that’s fine, no worries. Everyone go at your own pace. Try to get one test done per day)
    • Spellings-Spellings can also be worked on for 10 mins every day and a parent/sibling can give them their little spelling and litriú test on Friday to keep a little bit of normality in their routine
    • Keep reading everyday. Take time to read quietly, away from distractions, every day. Reading for pleasure is very important and relaxes the mind.  Remember free books online can be found at https://stories.audible.com/start-listen


As with last week,  research some of the following topics which would have been covered in History, Geography and Science and perhaps, if you have the time and the means, complete a project to present to your family or email photos of your completed work etc to the me through our new classroom email system. Again, this is not compulsory, it is just a suggestion. Dip in and out as you please, do what you can and what you feel suits your situation at home. 

The Sioux Tribe of North America (History) 

There were some fantastic efforts last week with our jab lift challenge, but again, after viewing all the videos that came into me, the girls are still the champions!!!
Another hurling challenge this week, this time it’s striking the ball off the wall (PLEASE DO NOT BREAK ANY WINDOWS 🙈) and catching it when it comes back to you. I only attempted it twice this weekend as I have been very busy. I lost count but I think I scored 1,547 passes. I know that seems low but I took my time. I didn’t want to set the bar too high for you. And seeing as I don’t own a hurl, I used a shovel. 
Here is a video of Wexford star Padraig Foley explaining and demonstrating the challenge.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nhgytua4JeQ

Pádraig Foley – Wall Strike & Catch – GAA Go Games Skill Challengs / #GAAPrimary Challenges

Also, do not forget to try out Kilkenny hurler TJ Reids fitness classes live online twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday,  from 12pm to 1pm. https://www.facebook.com/TJReidFitness/photos/free-pe-class-every-tuesday-and-thursday-at-12-noon-with-tj-reid-using-facebook-/2560845267513311/

Remember there is a new workout, separate from GAA skills, uploaded every day on YouTube. They are fantastic to burn off some energy.