A Thuistí,

We have had a very successful return of our pupils from Naíonáin Bheaga to Rang 2 – everyone is very happy to be back.  We are looking forward to the return of Rang 3, Rang 4, Rang 5 agus Rang 6 on Monday next, 15/03/21.

Please remember to wear a face mask when approaching the school, please don’t congregate in groups at the school gate, please arrive on time to collect your children – DON’T COME EARLY at collection time as this only serves to block up the available space. Never park in the ‘SET DOWN/PICK UP AREA’ in front of the school gates – this area is well signed and it is vital that it remains clear for efficient drop-offs and pick-ups.

Every child returning to school after any absence must complete a Return-to-Educational-Facility-declaration-form this form can be downloaded HERE  and sent in with your child on Monday OR it can be filled out online – see link to the online form HERE.


The Department of Education have also requested that we bring the following to your attention:

Parents are reminded of the following  very important advice:

  1. Wear a mask when in the vicinity of the school
  2. Do not congregae in groups at the school gate
  3. Never park in the Drop Zone
  4. Arrive at your allotted time for collection – these times are the same as last term – if you arrive early you block the road!
  5. If you need to contact your class teacher please do so via email (or through school website) or by contacting the office
  6. Please ring the office before you come in to the school
  7. Do not send your child to school if there is a possibility that they are sick
  8. Always complete the ‘Return to School Form’ before sending your child back to school after any absence
  9. If you’re not feeling well please do not come near the school

Book boxes from Rang 3 – Rang 6 can be dropped back to the school hall on Friday from 1.40 p.m. – 5 p.m. Please do not enter the yard with the box if there is anybody else in the yard/hall. There can be no mixing! Areas for the boxes from the different classes will be clearly marked in the hall.

Táimid ag súil le sibh ar fad a fheiscint go luath!

Ruairí agus foireann.