A Thuistí, a chairde,

Tá briseadh na samhna anseo ar deireadh, bíodh sos breá ag gach duine.

Fán sabhailte agus fan sa bhaile!

We have reached the Halloween Break…..on behalf of the staff and Board of Management, I would like to wish everyone a peaceful and well earned break!

Please stay safe and stay at home!

Our children are so happy to be back at school, and therefore we must ensure that our schools can remain open. We had a great day in school today – check out our Halloween Video below!!

Eventhough this hasn’t been a good week for community spread, contract tracing, supplying hand sanitiser to schools, or for our confidence…. we need to keep our eye on the big prize….

If we all remember that what each of us does matters – wearing masks, washing and sanitising hands, staying within 5 km of home – hopefully we can get the  spread of Covid-19 under control, and return to something resembling normality.

Your children have been fantastic during the last term, accepting a myriad of new rules and procedures…….. and school is definitely the correct place for them to be.

Ag súil le sibh a fheiscint tar-éis briseadh na Samhna,