Obair  na seachtaine seo, ag tosnú Dé Luain, 20ú Aibreáin


Work for Rang 3 to do for the week starting 20th of April. Going forward, I will do up another plan for next week but the activities and lessons will be similar so as to give children the idea of familiarity. The timetable does not have to be followed, it is merely a guide.


  20ú 21ú 22ú 23ú 24ú
9.00 Diary Entry Diary Entry Diary Entry Diary Entry Diary Entry
10.00 TG4 Scoil TV TG4 Scoil TV TG4 Scoil TV TG4 Scoil TV TG4 Scoil TV
10.30 Sos Sos Sos Sos Sos
11.00 RTE School Hub RTE School Hub RTE School Hub RTE School Hub RTE School Hub
12.00 Am Ciúin Am Ciúin Am Ciúin Am Ciúin Am Ciúin
12.05 MM MM MM MM MM
12.20 Mata Draíochta

L 139

Mata Draíochta

L 140

Mata Draíochta

L 141

Mata Draíochta

L 142

Mata Draíochta

L 143

1.00 Lón Lón Lón Lón Lón
40 mins Chores Chores Chores Chores Chores
40 mins Reading Reading Reading Reading Reading
40 mins Hobby Time Hobby Time Hobby Time Hobby Time Hobby Time
30 mins Just write Free time 3 pictiúirí + 3 abairtí Free time Free time



  1. Continue with MM and EIP every day, don’t forget the problem solving! There is also a Friday section every week in MM. As we are still in this situation, it might be an idea to use this as a “test”. If possible, maybe allow 10 minutes to get it done (or whatever amount of time is required.) The EIP book also have revision days (for every 10 days) so if possible keep up to date with those as well. Again, as we are stuck in this situation, if parents could correct these two books, just to keep an eye on progress, it would be fantastic. If not possible to do it every day, whenever you can, once a week or every second day or whatever can be done.


  1. Continue doing a letter from “Just write” every week. The two pages of the book and then a full page of the copy. There will be 6 words in the book, so I normally get the children to write these words out again in the copy, one per line. This leaves approximately 3 lines left (depending on the copy). They can then make up a nonsense sentence based on the letter of the week so as to fill these lines. It is good for them to see the relation between this book and next year when the script writing tasks progress again.


  1. Keep up the chores! I would like the children to make a list of things that need to be done around the house. They will need to do three chores every day and write down what they did. On Friday they will have to do a new job that they have not done yet. This can be incorporated into next weeks chores (yes that means four chores every day next week!) I will be checking those lists guys!!


  1. Begin to make a diary. This will have to be filled out every day (Monday to Friday). The children can explain how they are spending their days, what they plan to do over the week etc Details of what they are eating, how they are preparing meals, any activities that they are doing, books they are reading, things that they are learning about etc.


  1. Read a book for 40 minutes every day. This can be done in your bedroom, in the garden or just about anywhere that is quiet. Since our last day in school, I have read one book every week. I don’t have any books left in the house now so I am getting them for free online. I have seen many free to download books for children as well. Perhaps, if there is someone with all the books read, they can check out the ones online….only if the actual books are read though.


  1. TG4 will have a class as Gaeilge every day starting at 10am with Múinteoir Caitríona agus Múinteoir Fiachra. This could help the children to keep up with listening to and using some Gaeilge while they are at home.



  1. RTE have the school classes every day at 11. There will be days that these lessons will not be helpful to Rang 3 students but hopefully it will help.


  1. While we were in school we used to do “Am ciúin” about once a week. The children know what this is about. Every day at 12 o clock starting on Monday 20th of April, the children can get back into the habit of doing am ciúin. It is a time for them to relax and it teaches mindfulness and reflection. This can be done anywhere that is quiet, maybe the back garden, maybe the bedroom or anywhere at all. The children go to this place, relax and when they are focused they close their eyes and try to focus on their breathing. We used to do this for 2minutes 30 seconds. Emphasis is put on breathing and remaining calm. As they get used to this, build it up by telling them to focus on different things each day ex: being thankful for our lives, friends, family, house, neighbourhood, school, friends etc, times when we did the right thing, times when we did not etc



  1. The children will be well familiar with “trí pictiúirí agus trí abairtí” from their school work. The following images are taken from a book that we used in school and if possible I would like the children to read the story three times, pick out what think are the most important sentences (to summarise the story) and write these sentences down. The children check their spellings as they write the sentences. After each sentence a picture (similar to the one in the story) can be drawn as well. The title can be “Coiníní crosta agus feirmeoir crosta” and they can put in the date as well. I realise that the children do not have their copies. If this task cannot be done at home, then that is ok. I also realise that this particular story is one that we have already done. I am doing this for the sake of familiarity. I will add more stories as the weeks go by. The full book can be got on CJFallon.ie. The following link may work https://my.cjfallon.ie/

The Irish book is called SÚGRADH  – your path on my.cjfallon.ie/ will be:

(a) Level=Primary

(b) Class = 3rd   

(c) Subject = Gaeilge 

(d) Series = Seo Leat 

(e) Leabhar = Seo Leat – AG SÚGRADH – Leabhar 3

(f) Press on the eye picture in bottom right of screen

CJ Fallon have made a lot of books freely available online. Click the “I am a parent” box and register an account if the link does not work. These stories are based on vocabulary that is known to the children. If there are any problems with it, try foclóir.ie as an online dictionary.



  1. Using the CJ Fallon account, or the link to my own account above, select third class, maths, mata draíochta. Skip to page 139. This is the money chapter. Again, I am fully aware that some people may not be able to access this information. If not, don’t worry I will be covering it when we get back to school anyways. The children can do a page a day for the week, that is page 139 on Monday, 140 on Tuesday etc. On Friday they can use the siopa on page 143. Parents can either work through the problems that are in the book or alternatively make up their own questions such as:
  • How much for …….<pick any 2 or 3 items>
  • If I had 5 euro and I bought the <any item>, how much money would I have
  • If Stiofán bought <any 2 items> and Nioclás bought <any 2 items> who spent more? Who spent less? What is the difference in the money that they spent?


  1. Exercise daily. Get out to the garden with this lovely weather that we are getting!


  1. For the children that go to dance classes, art classes, music classes, language classes, speech and drama classes, hurling, football, soccer, rugby and everything else, make sure you keep up the rehearsing, training and the practising. Ciarán Kilkenny, the Dublin hurler and footballer is putting a lot of fun challenges up on social media (as Gaeilge) for GAA fans. Many of the Galway hurlers and footballers are also doing this as well. This period of time is a great opportunity for you to become better at what you like to play. Use it!!


  1. Lastly, I would remind the children that while they are at home, there are many parents and guardians who are at home as well. They are very busy and have lots of work to do so the children will need to be mature, polite, caring and respectful towards everybody in their homes.