A Thuistí,

Here is the timetable and the videos for this week.  Your child completes the work in the homework folder first, doing the work in Just Write, Sum Detective and reading exercises and then completes these additional activities in the extra folder which I sent home. I do add extra activities on Seesaw where I can listen to your child reading, and you can post photos and videos of your child’s work.

Week 3

Monday – Go through the ‘b’ words in Irish with your child on the first b worksheet. There is also a video to watch online called ‘b’ words. See if your child can name the words on his /her own. Then your child can complete the first b worksheet  and colour the rainbow ( bogha  baistí)  on the next worksheet.


Tuesday – Go  through the  Irish  b   words  again.  Complete the next two worksheets on b

Wednesday- Revise the Irish b  words again. There is a video to watch online called b meaitseáil.  Then your child can proceed to do the next two worksheets whereby the children match the b pictures to the letter b.     Afterwards the children can colour the next worksheet, the flowers (bláthanna).                 

Thursday –  Complete the b WORDSEARCH  and the final worksheet colour the cow (bó) .

Friday –   Jolly Phonics Workbook pg 12,13.   Watch the video called Friday Work Ag Obair Liom  Ag Obair Liom pg 22,  books enclosed in pack or homework pack. Circle the pictures that begin with b and complete the  words below the picture by adding b. Ag Obair Liom pg 23 – Colour by number.