Amchlár – Timetable – 15/02/21 

Monday –

  1. Watch the  V words video,  read the V words reading sheet in the Worksheet pack and complete pages 48,49 in Just Write B1.
  2. Irish Reading – Watch the  Cairde Nua video and then see if your child  can read  the pages  I refer to in the video.
  3. Mata Beo –  pg 64 the Maths book I’ve sent home. Watch the video Cloganna and then the children can complete  page 64.


 Tuesday – 

  1. Reading – Go over New V  reading sheet again in the  Worksheet Pack and then complete the two worksheets based on V in the worksheet pack.
  2. Irish ReadingGo over the reading from yesterday, then test your child by picking out random words for your child to read.
  3. Mata Beo – pg 65. Watch the video called Meaitseáil and then the children can complete pg 65. There is also another worksheet on clocks to complete in the worksheet pack.


Wednesday –  

  1. Reading – V  reading sheet, read words and sentences in a random order.
  2. Dictation   – call out four words from the reading for your child to write. Say the words slowly sound by sound. Watch how your child forms their letters. I will put an activity up on Seesaw so I hear the children doing their English reading.
  3. Sum Detective pg 46, 47
  4. Féach Thart  Watch the video called An Crann Cnó Capaill and                                  then the children can complete the page shown in the video.


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