Obair den tSeachtain 27/4/20 – 01/5/20
(Déan an méid gur féidir libh, ná déan dearmad, ná bíodh an daoine faoi bhrú 🙂)
  •  Mata Draíochta: The topic I would like us to focus on this week is ‘Fad’ (Length). I have attached the relevant pages from our Maths book. I have attached them in both English and Irish, feel free to use whichever you prefer. 
  • Continue to revise tables (+, -, x, /) Having your tables learnt gives you an advantage when trying to concentrate on new concepts in the future. 
  • IXL-Léan leis an obair iontach atá ar siúl agaibh. Continue with the fantastic work on the IXL website if you have an available laptop/ipad/phone and WIFI. Each child has their own username and log in and I can track their work from home. IXL covers the entire Rang 4 Maths curriculum.
  •  Mental Maths. The children are well used to working on this book independently and each day is all about revision. This should take between 8-15mins to complete. 
  • Practical hands on Maths, be that via cooking, cleaning or some maths games, physical or online.  https://www.coolmathgames.com/ is always very popular
    • Comprehension – Three short pieces, ‘Is there Anyone Out There?’, ‘Heart and Blood’ and ‘The Atmosphere, Outer Space and Stars’. I have attached them below. 
    • Writing-  Four Work sheets attached including work  on Nouns (Gender) and Apostrophes
    • English in Practice – One day each Day. – (B’fhéidir nach bhfuil gach duine ar an lá céanna, ach tá sé sin ceart go leor. Níl aon fhadhbh. Not everyone will be on the same days in these books, but that’s fine, no worries. Everyone go at your own pace. Try to get one test done per day)
    • Spellings-Spellings can also be worked on for 10 mins every day and a parent/sibling can give them their little spelling and litriú test on Friday to keep a little bit of normality in their routine
    • Continue to write in a diary or continue to make video diary that they will be able to read back on/look back on in a few years.
    • Keep reading everyday. Take time to read quietly, away from distractions, every day. Reading for pleasure is very important and relaxes the mind.  Remember free books online can be found at https://stories.audible.com/start-listen


As with last week,  research some of the following topics which would have been covered in History, Geography and Science and perhaps, if you have the time and the means, complete a project to present to your family or email photos of your completed work etc to the me through our new classroom email system. Again, this is not compulsory, it is just a suggestion. Dip in and out as you please, do what you can and what you feel suits your situation at home. 

The Aran Islands (Geography)

    •  Useful resources can be found using the following links 






Norman Castles in Ireland (History) If you have completed last weeks lesson on the history of the Normans in Ireland, then this week research more about locations of some of the famous Norman Castles in Ireland. If you didn’t get to research the Normans last week, and you would like to do a bit of history this week, then I suggest doing last weeks lesson first using the links provided then 🙂
 I will set a fun challenge each week and the children can take on their siblings or if they would like could try to beat the teachers score. Video evidence will be needed if they want to say they have beaten the master!!! This weeks challenge is to get as many handpasses against a wall as possible in 30secs using both your right hand and left hand. Unfortunately my camera wasnt working but as you all know I never, ever lie or exaggerate. My highest score was 25 handpasses in 30secs. Remember you must stand your own body length away from the wall. Good luck!! 
Also, remember their is a new work out uploaded every day on youtube. They are fantastic to burn off some energy.
    • Write a poem/song/rap about the Corona Virus, about being off school or maybe even about the topic you discussed most with your American pen-pals, Donald Trump. Anyone who decides to write one, please email it to me. I would love to see them. 

      • Help a parent prepare one meal this week, make a plan of what you need to do and in what order. Take photos of all the different stages of preparation and the final outcome as well as the most important part, the clean up 

🙂 Again, anyone who decides to do this, please send it on to me. I would love to read about how you went about preparing the meal and seeing the photos of how everything turned out. 

I am going to say this every week, and I am sure every teacher in the country is saying the same thing. Please do not be getting upset or frustrated with the work being sent home. This is merely a menu for you to pick and choose from. Take as much or as little as suits. Some weeks you may get a mountain or work done, other weeks you may get very little done. There is no competition, there is no standard to be met. You are all doing  your upmost. If this menu helps with organizing your day, fantastic. If it adds to the frustrations or stress, then please close the page and come back to it whenever you feel it would be beneficial. 
Continue to follow guidelines on social distancing, continue to look out for one another and be kind to yourselves. None of us are superheros. 
Feel free to send on photos, letters, questions, artwork etc using the email for Rang a 4.
Stay safe and we well speak soon,


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