A Thuistí,

I was made aware this morning that a Snapchat Group of senior children in this school received a large number of inappropriate images from a member of that group. I have been told that this incident occurred just before the Easter Break.

Unsupervised access to the internet is very dangerous for children and can easily lead to serious distress / bullying / isolation / unhappiness.

No child should have unsupervised access to the internet – if children are on-line it should take place in a public area of the house, where you can easily check what is on screen and keep your child safe.

Do you regularly check your child’s browser history and Social Media Apps? You must monitor your child’s smart phone/tablet/internet use. It is recommended that children do not use screens in the hour before bedtime as use of screens interferes with children’s sleep patterns.

Unfortunately images once seen cannot be unseen – we must do all we can to protect our children’s innocence.

Our school does not allow mobile phone/social media use/gaming during the school day – these issues need to be monitored and controlled from home. It is important to be aware of the age restrictions that apply to Social Media Platforms.


Please see https://www.webwise.ie/ for further information.


Ruairí Ó hAnnluain