A Thuistí,

As you are aware most Covid restrictions were lifted nationwide from Monday last. There is no longer a requirement for senior pupils to wear masks, and the Perspex shields have been removed from desks (Rang3-6).

Please continue to be vigilant as Covid is still present in our community. Any child or adult who displays symptoms of Covid-19 should restrict their movements until they are symptom free.

Over the next days and weeks we will move to increase interaction between classes as social distancing requirements are no longer in effect. We will also make changes to our timetable in order to reclaim time lost during the school day due to the implementation of our Covid measures. Every 5 minutes lost per day equals more than 15 hours in a school year (3 days).

 From Monday 07/03/22 all children should arrive to school between 8.40a.m. and 8.50a.m. The children WILL continue to be dropped at the gate they go directly to their classrooms on arrival to school.

From Monday 07/03/22 the following dismissal times will come into effect:


                    2.25 p.m. Grúpa Buí (Rang 6/Rang 2 and all Siblings)


                    2.29 p.m. Grúpa Dearg (Rang4/Rang 1 and all siblings)


                    2.33 p.m. Grupa Gorm (Rang 3/Rang 5)


Calendar Change:

With the introduction of a new bank holiday, Covid Remberance Day, our calendar will change slightly. Our break for St. Patrick’s Day will now run from Thursday 17/03/22 until Monday, 21/03/21 – our school will re-open on Tuesday, 22/03/22. Please see an extract from our school calendar below:


Márta ’22                              

     Closed Thursday 17th – Lá ‘le Pádraig

     Closed Friday 18th – Lá Saoire Bainc

     **Closed Monday 21st – School Holiday**

Re-opening on Tuesday, 22/03/22.


Aibreán ’22                              

     Closing Friday 8th @ 12 noon- Easter Holidays

     (Closed Monday 11th April – Friday April 22nd inclusive)

     Re-opening Monday April 25th  


Bealtaine ’22                    

     Closed Monday 2nd – Public Holiday

     Closed Tuesday 3rd – School Holiday


Meitheamh ’22                    

     Closed Friday 3rd – Tuesday 7th inclusive   (1 Public Holiday + 2 School Holidays)

     Re-opening Wednesday 8th June.

     Closing on Thursday, June 30th  at 12 noon – Summer Holidays


**Extra Holiday due to the extra Bank Holiday granted (Covid-19 ‘Remembrance Day’)


Le meas,

Ruairí Ó hAnnluain.