A Thuistí agus a Pháistí,

As you are aware our confirmation ceremonies will take place on Monday and Tuesday next. On Monday all children who are currently in First Year will make their confirmation, and on Tuesday all children who are in Second Year will make their confirmation.

  • Each family and will be allocated a seat on arrival by one of the ushers on duty.
  • Families are asked to be seated 15 minutes before the ceremony begins.
  • The CONFIRMATION CARDS that were prepared for our original confirmation date will be distributed on on entry. If any details have changed, a blank confirmation card will be available for completion. This card is required during the ceremony.
  • Fr. Allman will be the chief celebrant.
  • There will be no movement during the ceremony – Fr. Allman will move from seat to seat confirming the children.
  • Please see earlier update HERE
  • Bíodh tráthnóna deas agaibh ar fad – we wish everyone a most enjoyable evening.