Feachtas Tinrimh 2023

Attendance Drive Scoil Uí Cheithearnaigh 2023


A Thuistí,

Tá a fhios againn ar fad go bhfuil sé an-tábachtach go bhfuil gach páiste ar scoil gach lá.

We are launching an attendance ‘HERO’ campaign. The campaign emphasises the benefits of good attendance and punctuality for your child.


HERO represents:


H – Here

E – Everyday

R – Ready

O – On time.


We welcome your cooperation in promoting thiscampaign.


As you know, good attendance optimises your child’s educational opportunities. We are all

working together to maximise their potential. Unfortunately some absences are inevitable

so please remember to explain them where possible. We will contact you when your child

has 15 unexplained absences and we are obliged by law to forward the names of any

student who has missed 20+ days to the Education Welfare Officer.



Thanks for your cooperation,


Claire Dempsey HSCL

(Hone School Community Liaison)