A Thuistí,

We have put in a good week at school and our morning and evening routines are working well. I would like to remind those who are parking on the roundabout that we are operating a Drop-and-Go/Collect System – if you need to park please park before the roundabout.

The children have been very good in adapting to our ‘new normal’. 

Please ensure that you child has a raincoat every day at school – if it starts raining while children are on the yard they cannot just rush in! They must line up on their own spots and enter the school in a socially distanced manner! 

Please note there are a few changes next week:


  1. Group one to arrive each morning at 8.40 a.m.
  2. Group 2 to arrive each morning at 8.47 am
  3. Group 3 to arrive each morning at 8.55 am


  1. Naíonáin Bheaga will finish at 1.30 p.m. every day from Monday 14/09/20
  2. Rang 1 will finish at 2.30 p.m. every day from Monday 14/09/20 
  3. Group 3 collection time changing to 2.35 p.m. (change from 2.40 p.m.)

Thanks to all of you who have cooperated so well during our first fortnight back in school – the children are very happy to be back!

I must also thank our staff who have been fantastic!