Dia dhaoibh a pháistí agus a thuismitheoirí.
Happy New Year to you all and I hope Daidí na Nollag was good to you all.
Please find below three videos entitled An litir h, Na litreacha, Foclóir 1 21.  An litir h deals with the formation of the letter h and a discussion of it’s sound and words in which it is found.  
The next video, Na litreacha, is a revision of all the letters covered thus far.  Encourage your child to practice along with me during the video.  They would have done this daily in school.
The final video, Foclóir 1 21, deals with high frequency Irish words which they would have learned in school.  Again, encourage your child to say the words along with me.  When your child is very familiar with the words, pause the final slide of the video (this slide has four Irish sentences on it), and ask your child to find various words such as, Tá, ag, mé etc.