The parish have just confirmed that the number of people permitted in each family seat for confirmation is four – Parents, sponsor and child. 

Each family will have one seat.


Arrival at the Church

  • One metre social distancing should be observed at all times – before, during and after the ceremony.
  • Hands should be sanitised on entry.
  • The number of permitted members of the same household should enter the church together.
  • They should then occupy their household seat as allotted.
  • The candidate is to sit at the end of the pew at the centre aisle.
  • If sponsors are not of the same household they should observe appropriate social distancing.

The Celebration of the Sacrament

  • The celebrant and accompanying priest/teacher will sanitize their hands and put on face coverings.
  • The accompanying priest/teacher will hold a small tray on which there will be: one dish with cotton buds and one empty dish for used cotton buds after anointing. A suitable small container with the Oil of Chrism should also be on this tray. The used cotton buds must be carefully disposed of in a sealed plastic bag.
  • The celebrant accompanied by Parish Priest or Teacher carrying the tray will come to confirm the candidate at their seat.
  • The candidates should hold their Confirmation cards in their hands, with their name and Confirmation name written clearly on it.
  • The candidates alone should stand to receive the Sacrament and sit afterwards.


  • Mobile phones, iPads or cameras should not be used during the ceremony.
  • Group photographs should only be considered if the one metre social distancing rule can be maintained.
  • Family photographs may be taken, outdoors only.

Exiting the Church

    • Stewards should arrange for the orderly exit from the church, household by household, seat by seat.
    • Hands should be sanitised.
    • Physical distancing should be observed in the grounds of the church at all times.


Confirmation Preparation Revision Programme

  • It is recommended that candidates and their families undertake the three session Come Holy Spirit on-line catechetical programme for Confirmation that can be found at under the tab Worship.


Symptoms of Covid-19

  • Children or adults displaying symptoms associated with Covid-19 should not attend without having sought medical advice.


Persons more vulnerable to Covid-19

  • Any person who may be more vulnerable to the Covid-19 virus is strongly advised not to attend the ceremony.


Travel from Abroad

Persons travelling from abroad to attend ceremonies should be reminded of the necessity to fully comply with current government requirements on travel from abroad.


As you are aware:

  • There will be two ceremonies for pupils who attended our school.
  • The First Year ceremony will take place on Monday, 27/09/21.
  • The Second year ceremony will take place on Tuesday, 28/09/21.
  • Both ceremonies will take place in St. Michael’s church at 6pm.